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cellphone bangladesh
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Telephone Bugs That Call You

Telephone Bugs That Call You
by: Kingston Amadan
When making use of telephone bugs, it can be very frustrating to be constantly checking, only to find that you missed a call. You have a busy life. Other things to do, other clients to work for, a life to live. You can’t just be sitting there trying to play hit and miss with telephone bugs. This is where the new generation of bugs comes in. It is possible to use a bug that will actually call you when a phone call is made. That way you need not miss a conversation that you cannot afford to miss.

Traditional bugs require that you listen to the transmissions or call in to see if a call is being placed. Additionally, some telephone bugs only allowed you to hear one end of the conversation. Neither of these things is very savory, nor do the provide help to you as you frantically try to listen in at just the right time. Additionally, many transmitters run the risk of being found as they transmit the signal out. With telephone bugs that call you, you can listen to both ends of the conversation, and receive notification when a call is placed or received by your subject.

The first telephone bugs that work in this manner are bugs that look like cell phones. You plug them in to share the same line as the regular phone, and they look like they were forgotten or like they are charging. These phones can be programmed to silently ring your preferred number whenever the home phone goes off. And it is set up so that when you pick up to listen in, you are listening as if you were on another phone in the house (just like mom and dad did when you called home from college). You hear both ends, and neither party is the wiser.

Other telephone bugs that can be programmed to call you are more high tech cell phones. You give the phone to the subject (or have your client do so) and then you wait. These phones work like regular cell phones. The person talks normally and receives calls normally. But every time he or she uses the phone (place or receive) the phone dials you and lets you know.

No matter which product you choose, you don’t have to miss a call when you are called by your telephone bugs.

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Nextel Cell Phones - How Good Are They

Nextel Cell Phones - How Good Are They
by: Martin Smith
Nextel offers a wider variety of plans than any of it’s competitors, with prices from $39.99 a month to $299.99 a month. However what really makes Nextel stand out from other cell phone carriers, is it’s line of customizable phones and interesting features. From rugged rain resistant phones, color displays and Java applications to speaker phones, GPS enabled, even the “2004 Nascar Nextel Cup Series” phones. Nextel phones are among the very best around.

Customizing Nextel cell phones with truly unique ring tones couldn’t be easier. You can download directly from your phone, if you have Nextel Online or Nextel Two Way Messaging. Nextel ring tones include categories such as Rock, R&B, Pop, Rap, Latin, Country, Oldies and more. All of these ring tones are accessible from Nextel cell phone menus. There are three ways of obtaining Nextel ring tones. They can be purchased directly from your Nextel cell phone, or from the Nextel web site, or you can buy a ring card from a Nextel cell phone dealer.

Some Nextel phones allow you to personalize your ringer by assigning specific ring tones to individual listings in your phone’s address book. If you are interested in this feature look for Nextel’s i205 and 1730 phones. The Nextel ring tones cost $1.99 each, so be choosy as these can add up really fast. If you decide to purchase ring tones from the web, you can use a credit card. You can also use your card if you download from your phone or charge it to your next bill.

Nextel also has unique wallpaper for your phone. The Nextel 1730, 1733, 1736, i95 and 1830 phones all allow you to instantly download wallpapers directly to the phone. Wallpaper images from Nextel have several themes: art, sports, animals, music, holidays and others. There are even a few free wallpapers available from Nextel.